In September 2012, a story began circulating about underwater “crop circles”. Photographer Yoji Ookata discovered them near Amami Oshima at the southern tip of Japan, and later brought back a film crew and others to study them.

The mystery circle as it was first called was more than six feet (~2 m) in diameter and contained intricate patterns of ridges radiating out from the center.

The unexpected artist of this sand circle was found to be a tiny male puffer fish. It spent days and nights to make the circle using only a flapping fin to attract a mate. After completing the circle the fish actually decorated it with broken pieces of shells.


I’m just going to leave this here…


This is so true.


This is so true.

I can see the scale tip.

I’ve been wishing too much lately

Been wishing I was there instead of here

Been wishing you were here instead of there

But all I can accomplish to the fact

Is in the instance of a dream

But still I lack.

There was a tease there

and a brush here

But time just won’t let me be

Time just won’t let me be happy.

In a way

I suppose I just want everything

Without the work involved.

In a way

It all used to seem so much easier

It all used to seem

But now it just knows how to be

Blatant and Glaring

Present tense punching me in the face every morning

But I still wake up

I guess I still have hope

But I don’t think hope has me.

Late night pep talk. (Get it out of my head)

Minds are trap doors that should never be opened.
Don’t talk yourself into dying
For no one can be worth it
Well maybe
I don’t know…..
She seems nice to me
But what really can be so sublime
Not even in my dreams do I have solace anymore
But in her eyes there is more to see
With her lips she awakens me
Who I really am that is
Not this shriveled up imposter that sits before you now
Not this man who loses his mind at the drop of a hat
She has some power
There must be more than just that
For infinite combinations give proof to the term fate
I suppose I wont know until I no longer have to wait.
You must be strong young one
You must not give in to him
For to deserve her and to love her
You must overcome your sin
You must not let your thoughts drown you
And you can never give in.
All that is asked is love
And love can be given in return
But still time must pass before this reward can be earned.
Even a strong man gets attached.
What a fool he may be.

Letter to a friend.

One day
While you were away
I began to think
And to feel
And then I began to reel
And shrivel inside my mind
For inside it is dark and cold
And I need a hand to hold sometimes
Even if its through a screen
Just some reassuring words sometimes
So that I can remeber how to feel what you mean.
When you return my friend
I will give you everything I have
I will show you all that I am
And I will tell you all the things I want to be
When I grow up
And I can be completely calm inside
And completely free
When I can give you a rock to build your house upon
Oh beautiful soul
Oh beautiful woman.
Help me trap my sanity
And put it back inside my head
And the return to my bed
Where we always know who we are
And what we want to be.
I’ll keep the woods outside
I’ll help you fall asleep
Oh my forever friend.
How happy will we be?

When beginning a tattoo apprenticeship, fruits are usually practiced on before skin.

And also, these just look cool.

Round and round and round again

Love is found and lost and found

Forever running into the ground

It seems there are many to satisfy my body

But god or satan or some cosmic beast

Has turned themselves against me 

Won’t let my heart be at peace.